My name is Julian Manev and I work as a Part II Architectural Assistant at an award-wining practice in central London. I’ve been involved in a number of projects, primarily the regeneration of a major university in central London. I graduated from Queen’s University Belfast in 2011 and 2014 with a BSc and a Masters of Architecture respectively. I’ve won a number of awards for my work – most recently the triennial Alexander Greek Thomson Scholarship from the Glasgow Institute of Architects. I am originally from Varna, Bulgaria but have lived in the UK since 2008.

I have had an interest in the monuments from our past for almost a decade. It was with great pleasure that I spent an afternoon at the monument ‘1300 Years Bulgaria’ last September. It made me wonder how the monument could regain a meaningful place in the life of the city. It was around then that I also read about its confirmed demolition. I could not help but think that someone must do something about it…and then decided that that someone could be me. It was only when I started researching its story that I discovered the history of the site and of the Memorial to the I Iron Division and its tragic end. And thus, Memorial Park ‘681’ was born.

I hope this project offers something meaningful to the citizens of Sofia. Something that perhaps they did not appreciate they had or could have. I hope the City Council re-considers its position on the demolition and gathers all concerned parties for constructive discussion. I know this site has tremendous potential.

This is a project that will offer something unique to the city and all its inhabitants and visitors alike. As I have already said– this is only the starting point. It is up to you how it ends.

This project has been done entirely on good will. Neither I nor anyone else involved has received anything in return, apart from my sincere thanks and gratitude.



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Boyko Taskov – graphic design

James Boyd – proposal design

Ivan Raykov – web design

Svetozar Manev – text editing